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M&A Support Services

Strategic Insights and Research Support
for Mergers & Acquisitions

M&A Support
M&A Support - overview

Our M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) support services outsourcing for corporate finance teams of CPA firms are designed to empower your M&A advisory business with key insights for assured success. With our deep-rooted comprehensive suite of M&A support services we assist your teams throughout the transaction life cycle with Idea Generation and Transaction Support. Our expertise and reliable solutions provide operational flexibility and scalability needed for successful M&A transactions.

With our M&A support services outsourcing we provide a strategic solution to CPA firms looking to boost corporate finance function in the realm of mergers and acquisitions. We offer the necessary expertise, efficiency, and scalability to empower CPA firms to navigate through complex M&A transactions with absolute ease. With our M&A support services by your side, you can focus on delivering high-value financial services to your clients while leveraging the expertise and resources by use in the M&A domain.

Our M&A research services.

We partner with leading commercial research database providers to ensure that the information we extract, use, and deliver adheres to the global compliance guidelines.

With a perfect amalgamation of human intellect through a strong team of 600+ research professionals and AI-driven data solutions, we deliver concrete, actionable, and customized B2B research & intelligence services to CPA firms. Our M&A Support services cover a comprehensive set of research areas to help you focus on your strategic goals.

Deal Origination

Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence

Transaction Support

Business Development Support

Business Development Support

Why Datamatics.

Reduction in cost on routine tasks through co-sourced Market Intelligence/Competetive Intelligence team
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Reduction in external consultant cost
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Faster analysis by leveraging time zone differences
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The Datamatics advantage.

Digitally Powered Intelligent Accounting, Finance, & Payroll Solutions
Market Research Professionals
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Frequently asked questions.

We have a comprehensive suite of M&A support services for our CPA clients. Some of our services include Deal Origination, Target Identification, Buyer Screening, Transaction Support Etc. All our services are listed in our services section.
We have a team of over 600 market research professionals who form a formidable team of M&A experts. We have supported several successful deals across industries, establishing our pedigree as M&A Experts.
We religiously follow the M&A landscape for regulatory changes and industry trends, which helps us stay updated with the latest trends shaping up the M&A landscape. We also actively participate in forums and industry events, leverage our network to stay up-to-date, and engage in professional development to ensure we are continuously updated on the latest trends in the M&A industry.
We harness the power of industry-leading methodologies and tools for financial due diligence. Some of the processes we follow include financial statement analysis, historical performance assessment, conducting risk assessments, and identifying potential synergies.
Confidentiality in M&A transactions is of utmost importance to us. We have strict security protocols to ensure sensitive information’s safety and security. We maintain absolute confidentiality in all our agreements and proper data safety protocols to safeguard every piece of information we share.

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